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Unity 2019.1
Updating to Unity 2019.1. A lot of stuff broke and got put back togther again. Upgraded to the new shaders...
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No More Front End
Streamlined the flow a bit by removing the front end screens. Which I kind of hate to do, as they're in the original arcade game, but for the webplayer, I think...
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Text Stuff
Converting text to use TextMesh Pro (now included in Unity via the Package Manager) and in the meantime adding more localizations (using Lean Localization by Ca...
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Rome is here
Added the full front end (menu screens and the lane selection lobby) and the Rome lane...
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webplayer is working!
The full game is way too big for a webplayer, but one lane fits OK, so enjoy the Classic lane!...
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FPS Graphing
FPS Graphing When I took over for the original lead programmer on the HyperBowl attraction game over fifteen years ago, one of the first things I did was to ad...
A Unity Readme
It’s been bugging me for a long time that I can’t easily annotate GameObjects in Unity, so I waste a lot of time staring at them like a puzzled archaelogist...
HyperBowl on the Small Screen
I wrote this postmortem a few years ago (so the part about a Wii U release has passed, but on the other hand I did get it running on Steam). Game Data Publisher...