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A licensed Unity remake of the classic · By technicat


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Windows is back
Might as well republish the windows version, too. The latest is on Steam. An old version is on the Microsoft Store...
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Mac is Back
Old mac build (a bit older than the Steam build). OSX will complain that the app is not from a verified developer, so you need to select Open from the control-c...
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Linux is back
I got an old mac running linux so I verified an old linux build of hyperbowl is running and made it available for download here. It's a couple of years older th...
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Screenshots are back
Display screenshots on the game page again (set to Sidebar in Edit Theme). Looks good on mobile, too!...
Unity 2019.1
Updating to Unity 2019.1. A lot of stuff broke and got put back togther again. Upgraded to the new shaders...
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No More Front End
Streamlined the flow a bit by removing the front end screens. Which I kind of hate to do, as they're in the original arcade game, but for the webplayer, I think...
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Text Stuff
Converting text to use TextMesh Pro (now included in Unity via the Package Manager) and in the meantime adding more localizations (using Lean Localization by Ca...
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Rome is here
Added the full front end (menu screens and the lane selection lobby) and the Rome lane...
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