This is the bowling game built from my book  Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development published by Apress. The code (minus the Asset Store packages)  is available on GitHub.

The book step by step builds up a simple 3D bowling game with touchscreen swiping controls in the style of HyperBowl.

Asset Store packages include:

* Free ArtskillZ Texture Pack from ArtskillZ
* Skeletons Pack from bisaniyehocam
* General Music Set from Giancarlo Leone
* Free SFX Package from Bleep Blop Audio
* Wood Texture Floor from Antonio Neves
* Barrel from Universal Image.

An update for the book is available, Learn Unity 2017 for iOS Game Development.

The mouse/trackpad control doesn't seem to work that well in the webplayer, so use AWSD to push the bowling ball.

Also available on

Development log