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Learn Unity 4

Bowling project from my Unity book · By technicat


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Desktop builds
Published desktop builds. I thought they were superfluous with the webplayer, but they're required for the app...
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Only on!
Removed from Google Play and the App Store...
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Bowling project from my Unity book
webplayer is working
Borrowed some code from HyperBowl to get the keyboard controls for the webplayer...
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Updated to Unity 2018.2.7
Added a Linux build, but it's totally untested. The project has been rewritten in C#, and the github repo includes the C# code in the final chapter...
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back on google play
Windows version now available. Removed the old version from the Google Play because I couldn't update it. Added a new entry there...
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Updated to Unity 2017
2017.3.1 to be precise...
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Bowling project from my Unity book
Updated to Unity 5.6.1
Word on the street is a sequel to the book is in the works...
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started by technicat Dec 06, 2020
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I just updated the GitHub projects to Unity 5.5
started by technicat Jan 22, 2017
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