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Based on over two decades of professional software development, Technicat on Software provides advice on software engineering topics including programming, management, system administration, startups, finding work, user interface design, and game development.

This collection of essays was originally published on the Technicat web site and attained some popularity on the internet, featured on sites such as the MIT Entrepreneurial Review, plagiarized at least once, and listed as required reading in a few college courses. I've added a few more chapters since then, all related to game development. Also available on Medium,  bn.com, and Apple Books.

"Philip Chu's Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers is witty, eloquent, and peppered with illustrative real world anecdotes" - Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror

"Phil Chu of Technicat has published Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers. Pragmatic and dead-on, it's one of those essays I wish I had written. Go read it." - Jeff Atwood, The Art ofAgile

"This post by Philip Chu is a fantastic read… anyone in software consulting or development should consider it a must read." - Andrew McConnell

  1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
  2. Management Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
  3. Minimizing Meetings
  4. It's the User Interface, Stupid
  5. The Art of the Schedule
  6. Get a Job
  7. Have Contract, Will Travel
  8. So You Want to Make a Game
  9. Startup Without Falling Down
  10. What I Learned@MIT
  11. Agile Isn't
  12. QA for Everyone
  13. Work Hard, Play Hard
  14. Back It Up: Safe IT Practices
  15. I Miss Lisp
  16. Chess Moves: Avoid Getting Checkmated In Your Project
  17. Driving Lessons
  18. Take a Whirl Tour on the Nintendo GameCube
  19. How I Met Unity
  20. HyperBowl on the Small Screen: A Postmortem

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