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Be the ball! Roll around the original six HyperBowl lanes and some new ones. Enjoy the scenery, but remember to head for the pins! Play 1-4 players in the original Arcade Mode or quick-play in single-player mode.

GameJolt browser  version (WebGL) at hyperbowl.zone

YouTube videos on hyperbowl.world

Facebook page at hyperbowl.rocks!

This page is hyperbowl.io

MacLife's 100 Greatest iPhone Apps of 2009
"Sure, there are a lot of bowling games for the iPhone, but none of them match the legacy that HyperBowl has. The gameplay feels organic, with its beautiful outdoor themed bowling lanes."

"HyperBowl definitely portrays a retro arcade feel that's consistent with the original, and offers a uniquely different game-play that other traditional bowling apps simply do not offer."

Smartphone Review
"HyperBowl is one wild bowling experience"

SmartApp Developers
"Easy to play yet challenging. Great setting design."

Slide Gamer
"If you're a fan of the original HyperBowl then there's no doubt that you'll love this portable version."

"HyperBowl is a 3D bowling app that reinvents the bowling game!"

Unity Insider
"This exotic mixture of parkour and bowling offers everything a casual gamer needs."

Nine Over Ten
"an interesting diversion from typical bowling games on the iPhone"
5/5 for Entertainment and Value.

Mobi Apps Review
4 1/2 stars

Check out the Gamkedo podcast/iTunes interviews. Read the Made With Unity postmortem.

Special thanks to the HyperBowl Facebook fans, especially localization, testing, and bug-squashing help from Ischa Bijl, Raymond Chow, Frank Lin, Lien Luong, Adam Pavlakos, Ian Schwabe, Harrison Sotoloff and Elijah Taylor.

This version of HyperBowl by Technicat LLC is built with the original HyperBowl art and sound assets licensed from Absolute Certainty Inc., the Unity game engine, Lens Flare and Simple Particle Pack from Unity Technologies, Selected U3D Japanese Font from Masashi Wada, Particle Scaler by Roel Ezendam, Real Flames by BlackFire FX, FontLibrary from MacXWare, iTween by Pixel Placement, Localization Package from M2H Game Studio, Finger Gestures from Fatal Frog Software, and unimgpicker from thedoritos.

New lanes are made with the Penelope sample from Unity Technologies, Cartoon Snowboard Funpark from Stefan M., Mushroom Land from Manufactura4K, Grass Road Race from Sugar Assets, and the Campfire Pack from Dreamdev Studios.

HyperBowl is a trademark of Absolute Certainty Inc.


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HyperBowl Arcade Edition Demo 20 MB
HyperBowl Arcade Edition CD 500 MB
HyperBowl Arcade Edition CD Patch 5 MB
HyperBowl Arcade Edition SP2 Fix 6 kB
HyperBowl for Android 72 MB
HyperBowl for Mac 63 MB
HyperBowl for Windows 58 MB
HyperBowl for Linux 80 MB

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